USDT MarketPriceHighLow24H VolumeChangeChart
$ 16855.7
$ 17160.7
$ 16527.4
$ 1268.07
$ 1294.12
$ 1234.52
$ 60.967633
$ 62.277047
$ 58.112632
Bitcoin Cash
$ 103.32
$ 104.5
$ 98.83
ChainLink Token
$ 6.327
$ 7.09
$ 6.152
An Exchange of Value
BloxXwop is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform committed to aid and accelerate a financial cultural diversification. We view ourselves as The Ultimate Equalizer in the commitment to providing access to crypto assets and microfinance globally.
P2P Crosschain Transfers
The BloxXwop exchange will serve as the Formula One engine for your cryptocurrency need for speed on the Blockchain race track. Now you can do instant transfers with just the usernames in the exchange that is transported via blockchain. In BloxXwop you do not have to worry about long wallet addresses and missing digits to send within our community.
Exchange Platform
The BloxXwop team is focused on delivering flexible trading pairs and tokens. A true cross-chain solution in the decentralized trading system, supporting BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, LINK, LTC, BCH, UNI, BLOXX, SLRM, EOS and other major blockchain assets, and will continue to expand the scope. The platform facilitates the fostering and adoption of new cryptocurrencies for global trading.
Secure Storage
Return to decentralization! BloxXwop users maintain control over their private keys. We maximized the the Blockchain's capabilities to ensure an elite level of security for all funds. Users' assets are locked in smart contracts at all times.
Power To The People
BLOXX token will be utilized on our Dex platform to put the power in your hands to decide new assets added to the exchange. We see this as a next generation voting system using blockchain functionality while allowing both fair and equitable representation.
We care about communities that have not yet benefited from cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology. BloxX Foundation is dedicated to providing communication tools in financially disenfranchised areas of the world. 1% of monthly profits will be distributed to reputable causes.
Our Solutions To Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems
We will provide solutions to various concerns in the financial realm, which today is bedeviled by a series of problems that are eroded by mistrust, disenfranchised regions inefficiency, price manipulations, lack of transparency, poor interfacing, security, and accessibility of finance systems throughout.
BloxXwop Exchange
Using the advantages provided by BloxXwop DEX, users can easily trade between blockchains. Traders will benefit from low cost on chain trading and won’t have to worry about the rising gas fees ever again.
Membership Program
BloxXwop’s Membership program gives up to 80% off on trading fees, a real competitive advantage to frequent traders.
Future of Decentralized Finance
BloxXwop will provide an all-embracing platform and system that met the needs of users and investors. BLOXX will provide its own coin that will be available on different Exchanges for all interested participants and gives them rights to vote and access to DEFI.
One Stop Shop
BloxXwop will provide a complete solution by incorporating six core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop-shop for the traditional asset, currency markets and digital asset in solving all the above mentioned challenges facing crypto users and investors, thus, creating a link between the crypto market and the traditional market.
Maximum Security
BloxXwop will provide multiple layers of security to prevent any hacking attempt by nefarious parties. Users are in full control of their wallets by holding their private keys and no other party has access to their funds. This eliminates the risk of the exchange being hacked and user funds stolen.
The BloxXwop Ecosystem will increase the transparency rating by making all trades available on a decentralized ledger. To make the system more transparent, the ledger will be fully available to all potential stakeholders. Access the market with higher confidence thus creating trust in the BloxXwop Exchange and blockchain community as a whole.
Accessibility On Mobile Devices
With the development of the mobile market, users of cryptocurrencies now spend more time on their mobile devices rather than their desktop computers. Hence, it is very imperative to provide our users with a fully optimized mobile application so that they can be easily accessed by every one of them and also to monitor their trade anywhere and anytime.
Our mobile applications will be lunched in both the iOS and Android platforms for the daily operation of our users.
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